CGMA Anatomy for Production – Full Course

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The objective of this class is to understand anatomy in terms of shape, form, and function. Each week we will study a different portion of the upper human body, find ways to simplify the muscle and bone structures, and see how these impact or are impacted by the movements of the body. Through a series of sculpts, we will attempt to find ways of simplifying the human figure in ways that are easily understood and easy to recreate. Focus will include shoulders, head, neck, back, torso regions and arms. Full body sculpture focus and lower body will be addressed and studied in the 2nd portion of yourAnatomy for Production – Full Course training

During the second half of your anatomy training, you will be learning key fundamentals of tying in the upper body to the lower extremities and how it will affect your full form. You will learn about the key fundamentals of recreating believable and fully functioning anatomy.

Week 1 | Introduction and Establishing Course Themes
Week 2 | Skeletal Masses, Proportions
Week 3 | The Torso
Week 4 | The Torso, Continued: the Neck and Shoulder Girdle
Week 5 | The Arms
Week 6 | Sculpting the Hand
Week 7 | Sculpting the Leg
Week 8 | The Foot
Week 9 | Tying in The Full Figure
Week 10 | Finalizing the Full Figure

MATERIALS: Zbrush recommended, or Mudbox or equivalent sculpting software
SKILLS LEVEL: Intermediate
PREREQUISITES: Knowledge of ZBrush and digital sculpting strongly recommended; course pre-reqs include Intro to Production Modeling


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