Alt SwitchER 21.5 Portable [Ru]

Alt SwitchER 21.5 Portable [Ru]

Program version: 21.5
Official site: Alt SwitchER
Interface language: Russian

Treatment: not required

System requirements:

  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (SP3) (32|64-bit)

Alt SwitchER is a program for automatically correcting the “layout” of a word (with the ability to disable it and assign exception programs), as well as auto-learning and the ability to “manually” add words to the user dictionary and the exception dictionary. Alt SwitchER is an excellent alternative to programs such as Punto switcher and Caramba Switcher. Unlike competitors, Alt SwitchER does not require installation, is not automatically updated, does not keep logs, and does not interact with the network. Can: encrypt files and folders, display the color under the mouse cursor, and much more. etc. Works in any Windows “windows” and editors, including “studio” (IDE) and office programs. It has flexible settings that allow you to comfortably use the program anywhere!

  • Getting a color (with a color selection dialog displayed) under the mouse cursor
  • Ability to assign additional hotkeys for launching applications or inserting text.
  • Ability to replace the “double-click” space with any character.
  • Ability to replace double-pressing the spacebar with any symbol: ” . “, ” , “, ” ? “, etc. (“Settings for additional hot keys…”).
  • Ability to transfer selected text to the request URL (“Additional hotkey settings…”). The query parameter that will be replaced must be like this [<%s%>]. For example:[<%s%>] – calling a Yandex translator. Assign “hot” keys in “Additional hot key settings…”, copy the line[<%s%>] in the “Insert/Execute(!)” column, check the “!” column. Now, when you select a word or text and press the assigned hot keys, the translator page will launch, with the word you selected as a parameter.
  • Ability to transfer selected files to the parameters of specified programs ([<%f%>]). You can get the current directories in program launch parameters using the following macros:
      [<%ModuleDir%>] – the directory from which the Alt SwitchER executable file (SwitchER.exe or SwitchER64.exe) was launched.
      [<%%ModuleName>] – name of the executable file (SwitchER.exe or SwitchER64.exe).
      [<%ModuleFullName%>] – full path to the Alt SwitchER executable file (directory and name of the executable file).
      [<%SettingsDir%>] – directory with Alt SwitchER settings files (C:\Users\\AppData\Local\SwitchER).
  • Ability to display the current layout next to the cursor.
  • The ability to assign a hot key to set the layout (separately for Russian, English, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.), as well as the ability to select a custom icon for display.
  • Auto-replace abbreviations (for example, sf -> select * from); including multi-line text.
  • Editing dates in different formats, displaying a calendar.
  • Setting up Alt SwitchER context menus: setting the background color and text of the selected item, “filtering” the information displayed.
  • Ability to copy the selected Alt SwitchER context menu item to the clipboard (LCtrl+ENTER) without outputting it to the current input window.
  • Setting RGB formats (the format of the number in which it will be copied to the buffer when selecting a color). Displaying a color icon in Alt SwitchER context menus.
  • Ability to assign a “double press” hotkey. You can assign any action to pressing two times in a row (like double-clicking a mouse button) on the Ctrl or Shift key, for example. It is very convenient to assign a “double click” to the right Ctrl to insert a dot symbol (“.”), and to the right Shift to insert a question symbol (“?”) (see the picture below).
The portable version is provided by the developer and works without installation on a PC.
CRC32: F0F0B854
MD5: E009B4EA910BB45A97D5CBD3FA62980A
SHA-1: BFF2A0EE0741B89979E53C91A9FBBCE01433264E
MD5: 584AC064486577A09CDE0FC55325F69D
SHA-1: 4F27D1E1B6EE67985BB7C5D2026B91B715319B27
CRC32: 421CB560
MD5: F3CC235E5024695F374BCB152FAEE9BD
SHA-1: 4D1BCCA5FF154C89E9936CBB1DC276418364363C

  1. Unpack archive (“” for Windows x32 | “” for Windows x64 | for Windows of both bit sizes)
  2. Copy content to a local folder on any partition of your hard drive (will not work from network folders)
  3. Run “SwitchER.exe” for x32 systems. Or “SwitchER64.exe” for x64 systems.
  4. Make sure that a flag icon appears in the tray

    *The program shows the current input language with a flag icon.


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