Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 x64 13.0.0 Win

Make sure to logout from Adobe or block it in your Firewall otherwise the crack doesn’t work.
Install using CCMaker1.3.6

First off, you’ll notice some subtle refinements to navigating the Essential Graphics panel. New authoring tools in After Effects will allow Motion Graphics templates to be more organized in Premiere Pro. Motion graphic designers will be able to group editable parameters into drop down lists to simplify the workflow for editors. Older Motion Graphics templates can also take advantage of the new authoring tools in After Effects.

The biggest new feature coming to the Essential Graphics panel is data-driven infographics. Editors can quickly turn spreadsheets into beautiful graphics using Motion Graphics templates created in After Effects. Drag and drop spreadsheets directly in the Essential Graphics panel and the visuals in the Motion Graphics templates will be updated automatically. Not comfortable working with spreadsheets? No worries! Users will be able to customize the selection of spreadsheet data directly in Premiere Pro.

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